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NDT method that utilizes sound waves to detect cracks and defects in parts and materials

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NDT Ultrasonic Testing

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Form of NDT that uses sound waves to detect cracks and imperfections in parts and materials. NDT ultrasonic testing has a higher power potential compared to other forms of NonDestructive Testing, because of this Ultrasonic testing can produce higher resolution images that are more clearly defined. Due to it’s high power potential, Ultrasonic testing can also be used to determine a material’s thickness; such as measuring the wall thickness of a pipe.

Contact Ultrasonic Inspection

Contact ultrasonic testing (CUI) is often used in cases where radiographic inspection (X-ray) is not possible. This can be due to many reasons, mainly though when inspections require access to only one side of the test material or subject. Because of the portability of the equipment and variety of methods available, ultrasonic testing allows for the inspection of parts that are large, irregularly shaped, or unable to be transported.

Immersion Ultrasonic Inspection (IUT)

Immersion Ultrasonic Inspection (IUT) is required to take place in a lab due to equipment and working with smaller specimens. IUT is helpful in detecting small defects and flaws, such as  cracking and porosity. The material or component is submerged, which allows for better sound travel from the transducer, and provides accurate reporting of sub-surface irregularities and flaws. IUT is favored for smaller specimens because it applies to any wall thickness, as well as any material. 

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