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Inspections, Management & Turnaround Services

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

Code Inspection & Testing Co. provides non destructive testing (NDT) services, materials testing and API Certified Inspectors for a wide range of industries and projects.

Incorporated in 2006, Code ITC is a full-service, quality assurance and inspection company. Our services are performed throughout the petrochemical, refining, power, offshore, marine and pipeline industries. Our highly trained and experienced team of inspectors, technicians and technical support personnel have the certifications, training and knowledge necessary to provide the highest level of inspection and testing practices. We take pride in being a reliable company while exceeding industry standards and customer expectations in all aspects of our services.

Code ITC Visual and NDT Service helps your business by ensuring the reliability, safety and the longevity of your assets, including: manufacturing/process equipment, tanks, pipeline. Code ITC strives deliver value to your company, by limiting lost revenue do to failed equipment and plant assets.  for projects including: turnarounds, new construction (QA/QC), 

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection can be used for internal and external surface inspection of a variety of equipment types, including: storage tanks, power boilers, piping, and other equipment.


Code ITC uses the latest, most current, Non-Destructive Testing methods and equipment available. Advanced materials testing services and specialty NDT services makes Code ITC one of the leaders in Non-Destructive Testing.

Technical Staffing

Profession staff is a critical component to the success of any project. Code ITC only utilizes professional, vetted candidates for any job / project we take on.